Making leverage on its extensive experience and highly qualified staff, MICROMAX is able to solve the widest range of surface finishing problems on aluminium and magnesium, including:

  • Drilling, tapping, threading
  • Fettling, taping, brushing (with operator)
  • Tumbling
  • Sanding

Our newly purchased belt sanders and loading frame sanders are extremely efficient in their flexible programming, which can be adapted to each single need.

To achieve the highest quality standards at competitive prices MICROMAX can count on:

  • Pillar drills of varying sizes
  • Pillar tapping machines
  • Belt fettling machines
  • Belt sanders 1000×1150
  • Sanders with loading frame
  • Special operating machines
  • Scroll tumblers 700-1000 litres
  • Hot air drying tunnels
  • Alvin Robot


The highlight of company equipment is definitely the ALVIN ROBOT.

Conceived by the company owners, this robot is able to carry out continuous cycle maximum precision processes, guaranteeing fast and punctual deliveries. This was an important investment for the company economically, but a great step forward in productivity, precision and reduced lead times.
After loading Alvin with a number of parts, which varies according to their size, it is able to autonomously analyse the position of each single part by means of its camera, and then begins the finishing operations. A range of different programs and tools can be set, to enable Alvin to carry out all the different processes.
Alvin can provide drilling, filing, fettling finishes and other minor mechanical works, such as milling.

For your requests it is preferable to send an email or use the form below.