For years MICROMAX has been applying finishing treatments to magnesium and it is the strongpoint that we are proud to say distinguishes us from the competition.

Like aluminium, magnesium is treated using automatic and manual fettling machines, sanders and tumblers, loaded with highly selected inserts to obtain the best possible results, and with mechanical machining applications.

Magnesium is currently the lightest metal available for engineering applications, characterized by an ever-growing technological use. The increase in environmental pollution and the decrease in available resources require the development of new products and production processes, in order to optimize energy consumption. Magnesium and its alloys can prove to be an interesting solution, thanks to the low density combined with a good elastic modulus and high specific resistance.

Magnesium, when pure, is essentially a low resistance material. Therefore, for industrial use, it is combined in alloy with other elements in order to improve various characteristics and especially a high strength-to-weight ratio.
In general, magnesium alloys are characterized by excellent castability and good machinability; thanks to good dimensional stability, shrinkage is constant throughout the solidification process and shrinkage stress is practically absent. These features, together with good resistance in different environments and temperatures, make these alloys ideal for use in automotive and aerospace  industry.

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